About the Court

What is the OAC?

1. What is the OAC?

The Online Arbitration Court (OAC) provides services of resolution of civil and commercial disputes both national and international. The Arbitrators in the OAC are competent to decide cases based on various national laws and in many languages. Disputes may concern both traditional transactions and online transactions. The OAC can render an award in any case, in which the law allows for a settlement. Arbitral awards of the OAC have legal force equal to state courts' judgements and are enforceable.

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2. How to make use of the OAC?

In order to use the OAC for dspite resolution first you should create an account and include in your contracts (or articles of association of a company or terms and conditions of a website) arbitration clause for the OAC. Thanks to this clause, instead of submiting your disputes to the state court (in which litigation lasts many months or years), you can have them decided by the OAC.

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3. How does OAC work?

The whole procedure is online, using a Internet application. It guarantees convenience and speed. The procedure is simple and intuitive, costs are low, and the award is legally binding. A plaintiff starts a new case, formulates claims, submits evidence, proposes an arbitrator (or arbitrators) and sends the lawsuit to the other party and arbitrators. After exchange of statements and motions by the parties, when arbitrators consider the case sufficiently explained, they render an award.

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